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Perth Australia is the capital city of Western Australia shortened to WA, the largest state in Australia. There are many things to do in Perth with beaches, entertainment and other Perth attractions and easy to see it all on one of the Perth tours we feature below. To search the Perth travel guide use the search above or the site map and enjoy this great city.

Best of Perth

Despite its claim that it is the most remote city in the world, Perth is a vibrant and exciting place to spend time and it has plenty to offer visitors some of the best things to do and experience we have listed below. Your help is needed to develop our Perth listings so please do let us know what you find.


It is easy to assume that Fremantle, the port at the mouth of the Swan River , is just a suburb of Perth , but it is more than that. It has an identity of its own.

It has its own history and own atmosphere. It remains a port of some importance, and a fishing town, and also a cultural centre and a restaurant centre. In 1829, when the British were concerned that the French might try to establish a colony in Western Australia , they sent Captain Sir Charles Fremantle in H.M.S. Challenger to claim the territory for Britain. He duly did so on 2nd May 1829, and the port here was named in his honour.


Perth tours

No visit to Western Australia could be complete for the food and drink lover without a visit to at least one of the vineyards in the famous winegrowing regions and easily booked on one of the many Perth tours. Luckily, there are plenty of tours available to appeal to every taste – the area produces over 20 locally crafted beers as well. The oldest wine growing region is Swan Valley, where you can combine your wine tasting with a visit to the historic town of Guildford, sample the chocolates at the Margaret River Chocolate factory, or work off some energy with a walk along the beautiful Swan River.

North of Perth lies the Nambung National Park, home of the Pinnacles – ancient limestone formations that rise up to 7m tall in the middle of the desert. Learn about how these rocks were formed and their cultural significance at the Pinnacles Desert Discovery interpretive centre, then head over to Hangover Bay for a picnic and a swim – don’t forget your snorkel as there is plenty to see!

Perth tours

Ningaloo Reef runs the length of the North West Cape, and is accessible directly from the beach. The surrounding waters are crystal clear and form a shallow lagoon – perfect conditions for snorkelling or just watching the reef fish as they swim all around you. Hire a kayak to explore further afield, or jump in the semi-submersible boat and keep dry while you learn about the different types of fish that live on the reef.

One of the most reliable locations for meeting wild dolphins on a daily basis, Monkey Mia offers the chance for visitors to get up close and personal with these fascinating creatures. The resort also offers a huge collection of water based activities – including sailing, diving, snorkelling and cruising – the perfect complement to the area’s year-round beautiful weather.

Hidden in the small town of Hyden is the natural rock formation known as Wave Rock. Named for its distinctive shape, this ancient, multi-coloured creation has special significance to the indigenous people. Standing nearly 15m high, a visit to this, one of Australia’s most recognisable landmarks, is a must.

Located in the heart of Perth, Perth Zoo is small but well worth the visit with unique attractions featuring animals like the Numbat (Western Australia’s mammal emblem). Get behind the scenes access with tours like “Keeper for a Day” and your choice of Close Encounter with Australian, African or Asian wildlife. Keep an eye out for special events – the Zoo regularly holds special events after hours during the summer which are unbeatable in value or entertainment.

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Perth accommodation is of a high quality, covering every style and budget. From boutique hotels to self-catering apartments, visitors to Perth have a wide range of hotels and apartments choose from.


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