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Avon Descent

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The Avon Descent is a challenging river race for both motor-powered and paddled watercraft that takes place every August.

The race starts in Northam, Western Australia and on the first day of the event the race covers 57 km, going through Toodyay to Cobbler Pool. For the final day of the Avon Descent, the boats hit the white-water before going along to Bayswater. For those in Perth, the finish line is the place to watch as the competitors push hard to finish the race. 76 km is covered on Day 2.

The watercraft that enter the race include kayaks and surf skis, for one or two competitors as well as larger ones for teams, and also the powered craft which have a drew of two. The power dinghies are limited to 10hp.

Finishing first in the Single Paddle Craft Open class means a prize of $10,000. Second place gets $6,000 while $4,000 goes to the competitor in third place. First prize in the Single Paddle Craft Ladies class gets $1,000. The winners in the Double Paddle Craft and the Teams group collect $2,000. The winners in the two power craft categories receive $1,000.

Along each stop of the race there are community events. These Avon Descent Family Fun Days feature a large number of activities from helicopter rides to ice carving and fireworks.

The Avon Descent started in 1973. Since then, the Avon Descent says that "over 25,000 people have competed" in the race. The record time for the 10hp Dinghy Sports is two hours, 11 minutes and 51 seconds. The fastest time for a Single Kayak is seven hours, fifty-three minutes and 3 seconds.

If you want to do more than watch the race from the banks of the river then you can apply to compete. You will need to pay the entry fee and fulfil other entry requirements.


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