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Fremantle Arts Centre

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Within the arts centre of Perth, Fremantle is one of the most exciting arts venues in all of Western Australia. The Fremantle Arts centre is home to the City of Fremantle Art Collection which is the largest municipal art collection in the state.

Fremantle Arts Centre

A combination of historical art pieces and mixed contemporary art crossing all mediums is sure to impress any art lover. Western Australian artists are the prime focus of the art centre and you will find everything from photography and prints to paintings and ceramics which represent strongly the Fremantle culture and people.

Over the decades that the centre has been in practice there have been many gifts and donations which include outstanding collections from historical times and works owned by prominent collectors including pieces from artists such as Mary Moore, Sidney Nolan, John Coburn, Kathleen O'Connor and William Dobell.

The Fremantle Arts Centre presents exhibitions throughout the calendar year which feature works from the extensive collection.
It's not only art that draws so many local residence and tourists to the beautiful grounds of this spectacular old building. Many concerts and family events are held in the green landscaped grounds surrounding the Arts Centre all tucked away quietly behind its large stone walls. Within the centre there are often performances from prominent theatre and dance companies as well as classes, private exhibitions and tutorials for everyone from novice to professional.

The retail gallery on site, Found, has a clear focus on beautiful wares that are made by Western Australian artists and is an amazing place to find a one of a kind gift for yourself or a friend.
Address: 1 Finnerty Street, Fremantle, Western Australia
Phone: 08 9432 9555


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