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Fremantle Prison

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There is a reason that Fremantle prison is by far one of Perth's premier tourists attractions, in fact it is one of the most popular in all of Western Australia. An old building standing overlooking the shores of the spectacular Indian Ocean is truly a site just in itself, but this particular prison has so much more to offer than just its looks.

Fremantle prison

Built in the early 1850s by convicts brought over with the settlement from England, the prison was used actively as a place for punishment and incarceration for almost 140 years. The doors were closed to inmates in the 1980s and soon after the incredible historical building opened its doors to the public.

The prison houses some of the spookiest stories from history and boasts both the original solitary cells and gallows that remind everyone who visits of a system of punishment that is perhaps a little uncomfortably recent for many people's liking.

The Fremantle Prison is now a prime attraction for Perth Families and Travelers to explore discover and excite in the history and mystery that this grand building holds in its dark stone walls. During the day experience guides run enlightening tours of the facilities, showing you the ins and outs of prison life and how it changed throughout the 140 years of operation.

But at night is when the true excitement begins. For a truly spooky adventure that will delight the whole family, the Fremantle Prison runs night tours, by torchlight complete with scary stories, bone chilling encounters and ghost spotting. For something a little different the prison holds Tunnel Tours which take you by foot and by boat through the dense labyrinth of tunnels which lay 20 meters underneath the old stone building and into history.

There are many family friendly events held at the Fremantle Prison throughout the year including one of Perth's most popular carols by candlelight nights around Christmas. For a full program of events and attractions just give the friendly staff a call.

Phone: 08 93369200


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