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Kalamunda History Village

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In the beautiful rolling green hills of Perth, there is a little town steeped in history. Kalamunda is a small historical suburb in the hills, where history is as important as it is preserved.

In 1881 Stirk Cottage was built by early settlers Frederick and Elizabeth Stirk. The couple bought 10 acres of land, which is now known as the Kalamunda town. The original cottage was made from daub and wattle and was completely constructed out of materials found on the property. Primarily wood and mud base for the cottage and when it was taken over by Charles Brooks in 1896, he opened a shop in the barn on the property and in doing so established Kalamunda's first shop.

The entire area has been developed into a park, named Stirk Park, which is a wonderful place to picnic, relax and play together in the sunshine.

For a museum experience with a difference, not far from this historical site is the Kalamunda Historical Village where you and your family can explore the history of settlers in Perth and see what life was like over a hundred years ago.

The Kalamunda History Village is located on the same site as the old Upper Darling Range Railway Station which was built in the early 1890s. When visiting the engaging Historical village you can visit the original railway stations and learn about their history. There is still a spectacular restored Locomotive, the original G class G118 which was used on the Kalamunda line at its inception.

Within the village is the original State School Building for the area which operated between 1905 and 1970, where children can explore and discover how their parents and grandparents were educated in classrooms so different to those of the modern world.

The original Post office shows history in the making when it opened up in 1901. Chambers house, built in 1922 shows a typical pre World War II boarding house with all the trimmings. For a settler's experience, visit the McCullagh House where you can live all about home life in the late 1800s where real life displays are set up. Learn about life without electricity and technology!

The Blacksmith will show you how the trade was carried out originally and even the Dunny is old world, complete with newspaper for your reading pleasure.

Take a step back into Australian settler's history, in the beautiful surroundings of Kalamunda. For a day that truly is out of this world.


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