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Pinaroo Valley Memorial Park

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Up the Mitchell Freeway North from Perth City towards Joondalup is perhaps the most unlikely park that you will ever visit. The Pinaroo Valley Memorial Park is a cemetery, but one of the most spectacular parks that you could visit within 20 minutes of Perth's Central Business District.

The most environmentally responsible cemetery in all of Australia, it has been running since 1978 and has been constantly developed and maintained into the natural beauty that it is today. The natural bush land cemetery is carefully designed and protected so that only native species grow to protect the ecology and focus on the conservation of the native Australian wildlife. Simple flat bronze plaques mark the graves and no monuments are permitted at any time.

If you think it's a little strange to go and picnic in a graveyard, you are not the only one. But you might be surprised to realize that this park is very commonly used for wedding and family portraiture as well as parties, reunions and respectful gatherings. Its beautiful surroundings, which take up a huge plot of land, are a native oasis for wildlife in the area and without a doubt the best place in Perth to get up close and personal with some Kangaroos and catch a glimpse of other rare Australian natives.

The grounds are very popular with the locals using it for relaxing walks, jogging and family picnics. The beautiful Chapel has a modern café which offers a full range of leisure service to the general public.

Respectful behavior is expected at all times, of course, but for a day in native Australia, just outside of Perth City and a chance to meet the local creatures, there really is no where better.
Address: Whitfords Avenue, Padbury
Phone: 08 9401 3144


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