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Australia is an ancient land, littered with the natural relics of our prehistoric past. One of the most vivid testaments to the age of this landmass is the Pinnacles rock formation. Three hours north of Perth in the Nambung National Park exists one of the most awe-inspiring rock formations on Earth.

The Pinnacles is a cluster of jagged limestone towers that rise vertically from the flat desert landscape, some of them several metres tall. This is one of Australia's most unique and haunting landscapes.

The origins of the Pinnacles are not entirely clear, although it's believed that in the distant past, during an epoch rich in marine life, seashells were broken down into sand and carried inland by the wind. This lime-rich sand formed large dunes, which over thousands of years solidified and became the limestone formations we see today.

These bizarre rocks are a must-see for anyone interested in geology and natural history. Visitors can get close to the Pinnacles on a scenic driving and walking tour through the Nambung National Park. This is a chance to see the beauty of the Australian outback and of its most mysterious natural attractions. Words can do no justice to the surreal wonder of the Pinnacles - they have to be seen to be believed.


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