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For some science fun, SciTech is the place to be. Without a doubt, Western Australia's leading science education institution, this science center offer a fun and entertaining science experience that is guaranteed both children and their parents.

Interaction is key at SciTech and displays, exhibits and experiments are all hands on where touch, sight and smell all factor into understanding how the ins and outs of science and biology work.

The exhibits are truly top of the line with features like Light Play where you can discover the physics and technology of light in a way that is guaranteed not to bore. Dodging lasers, tricking alarms and playing in the light will help children to understand and explore how light works whilst being creative and active.

SciTech is based around the philosophy that active bodies develop active minds and have over 100 permanent, interactive exhibits, exhibitions, performances, puppet shows, studios and science labs that you are sure to be spoilt for choice. Covering everything from the human body to a truly spectacular planetarium, whatever tickles your curiosity is sure to be here to be uncovered.

Curious minds of all ages love SciTech, where everyone is encouraged to learn about science in a safe and controlled environment. The designers of the centre have won awards for the truly innovative and creative designs of the exhibits on display. This is no lecture facility, when you enter the centre be prepared to touch, smell, run, climb, play and explore.

The spectacular Discovery shop is truly the place to buy the most unusual and exciting gifts in all of Perth, if not in all of Western Australia.

With a mission to increase participation and interest in science and technology this is a place for kids of all ages to learn while they play.

Address: 1st Floor, City West, Sutherland Street, West Perth
Phone: 08 9215 0700


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