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Swan Valley

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The Swan Valley is Western Australia's little piece of heaven on Earth. This lush wine growing region, with its fertile soil and abundant greenery, is a rare jewel in the bone-dry landscape of Western Australia.

A mere 25 minutes from the centre of Perth, visitors to the Swan Valley will discover a region that's as lively and colourful as it is relaxed and tranquil.

The Valley is home to a thriving arts and crafts scene, with excellent markets and independently-run shops selling local wares. There is a strong indigenous culture in the Swan Valley, and this is a great place to discover Aboriginal art and music.  

The real allure of the Swan Valley is, of course, the food and wine. The Swan Valley Food Trail is a 32 kilometre loop through the valley, taking you on a relaxing journey through over 150 attractions, including restaurants, wineries, breweries, cafes, roadside stalls and beautifully appointed accommodation. This is the ultimate food and drink experience, and every place you stop offers another amazing taste sensation.

The Swan Valley

The Food Trail is for people who simply want to forget their worries, forget their diet, and revel in a day or two of great eating and drinking. The Swan Valley is a land of simple pleasures; a place to indulge the senses. You've worked hard for your holiday, now it's time to let your hair down and enjoy the rewards.


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