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Along the north coast of the inner city beaches is one of Perth's most spectacular beaches, the home of one of the city's best surf breaks.

Trigg beach

On summer days, and even in winter if the swell is right you can sit back and watch surfers making the most of the incredible reef break as the waves peel just off shore. You can even go out and have a paddle yourself if you are feeling game.

If surfing is not your thing, bring a boogie board down and play on the waves or master the skill of body boarding for yourself. Inshore the water is much calmer where those just wanting to cool down in the turquoise waters can feel like they are in a tropical oasis of sparkling water and bright white sand.

For those who have luck on their side, spending a day by the beach might bring more than you bargained for. Often pods of bottle nosed dolphins are seen playing in the water or body boarding through the waves, a site which is sure to delight anyone lucky enough to experience it.

Trigg Beach offers great beach fishing and bird watching. The rocky limestone outcrop that is the icon of this particular beach is home to some beautiful birds that you can see ducking and diving in the ocean for their particular catch of the day.

Trigg beach

For a family day out, why not bring a barbeque and relax with a picnic on the beautiful grassy areas designed for rest, relaxation and play. A kiosk and restaurant are also on hand to feed hungry bellies and supply ice creams and snacks for the kids. With a public change room and shower all of your needs are met by the friendly staff and the stunning landscape that Trigg Beach offers guests of all ages.

Located: around 20 minutes North West of Perth by car, take the drive up the Sunset coast and see the spectacular coast line that Perth has to offer.


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