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Western Australian Museum

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Located at the heart of the Perth Cultural Centre is the Western Australian Museum, a true gateway to the state's history both natural and cultural.

Western Australian Museum

Housed in beautiful heritage listed buildings and exhibiting the states diverse history, the museum is as entertaining as it is informative. The Old Goal, Perth's original prison, The Jubilee Wing, the original state art gallery, the first Museum and Hackett Hall all house diverse displays which walk you through not only the natural, but the cultural changes that make Perth and Western Australia the places that they are today.

All of the information on display at the Museum is presented through engaging personal stories, inspiring interpretations and fascinating exhibitions that are designed to appeal to guests of all ages.

Learning about the states animals, wildlife and plants is fascinating, as are the galleries that include original fossil specimens as well as amazing dinosaur exhibits. Learn about the theory of human evolution through replicas of some of the world's most famous paleontological discoveries.

There is an entire gallery committed to telling the stories of the unique heritage and culture of the Katta Djinoong, Western Australia's indigenous community. Here you can discover the traditional lifestyle of the first people in this part of the country and learn about the changes (both good and bad) that came with European Settlement. The gallery encourages compassion, understanding and education through interactive displays and personal story telling.

The Western Australian Museum truly is a day of education and inspiration and opens the door to the states natural and social history.

Address: Perth Cultural Centre, James Street, Perth
Phone: 08 9212 3700


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