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For entry and exit from Perth, the Airport is a wonderfully modern portal for you to experience. Only half an hour from the main city centre both the international and domestic terminals have easy access by taxi, private car or a bus route that runs from the city.

Perth airport

As soon as you arrive at the airport you are sure to be met by true Australian custom and culture. The Western Australian Tourism Commission has a group of volunteers that are called WOWs and they are there at Terminal 2 all week long to ensure that all visitors are given the assistance they need. WOWs are always available for questions and can provide you with any information related to Western Australian Tourism and the amazing sites that the state has to offer. Just look out for the traditional Australian Akubra hats.

There are a large range of facilities and services that are made available to all guests. The airport staff are always on hand to make sure you start your visit to Perth with your best foot forward. Automatic Teller Machines, First Aid, Information, Foreign Exchange Bureau's and free internet kiosks are all readily available for your use.

The airport also offers a valet parking service and a good taxi rank to ensure you can get in and out with ease and comfort. In between the International and Domestic terminals is a free shuttle bus that will help make your transfer as smooth and easy as possible if you are only in Perth to find a connecting flight.

All taxi's in Perth are metered by time and distance and are available 24 hours a day and easily hired from the airport.


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