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There are a number of international banks operating in Perth. The popular banks with convenient ATMs ( Automatic Teller Machines )and bank branches are Commonwealth Bank, BankWest, Westpac, ANZ Bank, and National Australia Bank. There are also international banks, such as Citibank and Chase Manhattan. Generally, expatriates tend to select banks based on the convenience of location usually close to where they live. Banking hours in Perth are between 9.30am to 4pm for all banks Monday till Thursday, banks operate until 5pm on Fridays. All banks are closed on weekends in Perth unlike some other cities in Australia.

Look out for the sign EFTPOS which permits you to pay electronically via your bankcard at retail and entertainment places. To open a account, you will need to bring along your passport with you to open a savings account (a current account in the UK). Most, if not all bills are paid via Credit card or bank transfers, and at the Post Office. Cheque books do exist, but they are rarely used in Australia. Internet banking is growing by the minute. Some banks, for example, Westpac and ANZ, offer Migrant Banking Services this means bank accounts can be set up in Australia from your home country so that you can set up an account before travelling to Perth. If you don't choose to do this then you will need to telephone a bank or go directly to the bank to set up an account for setting up the account their bank details are below, within Perth's banking sector, you will find that in all the banks are all in the same stretch of Perth, making it easy to locate.

108 Saint Georges Terrace - Telephone:+61 13 17 18

109 Saint Georges Terrace - Telephone: +61 13 20 32

77 Saint Georges Terrace - Telephone: +61 13 13 14

Commonwealth Bank
150 Saint Georges Terrace - Telephone: +61 13 22 21

National Australia Bank
50 Saint Georges Terrace - Telephone: (03) 9441 9362

Many banks / ATMs also use the Cirrus or Maestro network, so expats can directly withdraw cash from their overseas accounts. Most banks will have their own ATMs, ATMs are easily found at all major shopping centres, tourist maps will show you where ATMs are located within central Perth and other tourist areas such as Fremantle. If you choose to withdraw cash from an ATM that is not the bank you have set up an account with you will be charged fees of either $2 or $5 depending on the ATM you have used. The daily withdrawal limit from any ATM in Perth is always $1,000 AUS dollars. ATM machines are located throughout the Perth and the metropolitan area. Most ATMs are available 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. The majority of ATMs will accept a variety of cards from different banks. The ATM will usually have a sign posted next to the machine showing which cards can be used. A small fee may be charged for using another bank's ATM. Some banks have a number of ATMs located behind a security door which can only be operated by swiping your card through a slot. Other ATMs may be located at the front of banks, or in the shopping centres. Most banks are connected to the Maestro or Cirrus networks, allowing international visitors to access funds. Perth Airport has two ATMs that are available within Terminal 2, a BankWest ATM and a Westpac ATM. Both ATM's are located near the main entrance of the terminal. A foreign exchange bureau is available for travellers to use and is located on the ground floor of Terminal 2 adjacent to the security screening point. There is also over 70 exchange bureaus in the city centre to cash travel cheques and exchange money into the Australian dollar. Below is a GUIDE ONLY to what exchange rates are.


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