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The Perth visitors centre is on the cornere of Wellington Street and Forrest place.


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Perth has been designed with lifestyle squarely at the forefront and this is what makes it such a satisfying holiday destination - along with the fact that it is Australia's sunniest capital city.

Perth being the Capital of Western Australia has all major branches for all the main Australia banks and they are easily found.

The city of Perth has a mediterranean climate, one of just five mediterranean climate zones in the world. Hot Summers with fine, sunny weather and mild winters with the bulk of its annual rainfall falling between May and September. Although the record rainfall for Perth occurred on February 9, 1992 when 120mm fell.

The closest city to Perth is Adelaide and this is just over 2,000 kilometres away so it really does live up to its claim at being remote. However, as a thriving metropolitan area it never feels isolated and it is a popular destination for tourists.

The City of Perth is located on the northern bank of the Swan River. Perth is a very green city, with an abundance of parks and tree-lined boulevards. Interestingly, Perth city lies closer to Singapore than it does to Canberra and this proximity to Asia is reflected in its business dealings, population and food.

Despite many early sightings of the region, Perth wasn't colonised until the first part of the 1800s. It was known as the Swan River Colony due to its location on the river and it isn't clear exactly where the name ‘Perth' came from. However, it was chosen by Captain James Stirling, who was on board the first ship to arrive.


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