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Local transport is operated by Transperth. There are buses, suburban trains and ferries.

Perth ferries

Perth ferries

Perth buses

Perth buses

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Perth trains

Hiring a car in Perth is an easy way to travel around and visit the many Perth attractions, to make it easy use the car rental search box below and find the best Perth car hire deals.

Perth airport is a major route for destinations around the world and it also serves most domestic routes so the city is easily accessible and can be incorporated into an Australia tour, whatever your length of stay with many flights to Perth.

The bus and rail networks in and around the city are well served and easy to navigate. There is even a free city centre service called the ‘Free Transit Zone' for certain bus and train journeys so visitors will find it easy to get around and explore the different areas of the city. Buses go everywhere. Several services operate as expresses along the freeways to ‘park-and-ride' areas, where commuters park their vehicles free and go to work on the bus.

Local services also start from these areas. A single ticketing system covers all three means of transport, for the purposes of which the city and surrounding area is divided into eight zones. In the city centre, there are special buses known as CATs (Central Area Transit buses). They are a distinctive silver colour and have a panther emblem on them. These buses are free. There are three routes - the Red CAT, the Blue CAT and the Yellow CAT. Buses operate around the routes in one direction only. Within the city centre, there is a free transit zone where all buses and trains are free at all times.

There are four suburban rail lines radiating from Perth Station. They go east to Midland, south to Armadale, and west to Fremantle and north to Currambine, soon to be extended to Clarkson. A fifth line is under construction between Perth and Mandurah, on the coast to the south of the city. Most of the trains run through between Midland and Fremantle, and between Armadale and Currambine. The lines have now been electrified and are fast and efficient.


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