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Well what shall we do today?
Aside from visiting the many nice restaurants, beaches and shop - there always come a time when you want "something to do!" I found Perth to have an abundance of activities and tours that I think would suit many types of people.

I visited a lot of the usual attractions such as the Perth Aquarium and the Zoo.

The Zoo was pretty enjoyable and it was even a pleasure travelling there as I coasted across the Swan River on the ferry in the sun! The Zoo was (if I'm honest) a typical zoo, but I did spot the kangaroos and koalas which would have to be unique in relation to my previous zoo visits elsewhere in the world!

Carrying on with the river theme I spent an evening with friends on an aptly named Captain Cook Cruise which was a really relaxing way to spend an evening. We just went on a scenic cruise which is great for the more budget conscious, although there are wine tasting options as well as trips to historic Fremantle. You can also opt to have dinner on one of these cruises; making it an entire night of visionary and culinary enjoyment.

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If you are looking for a day trip then a trip to Rottnest Island should definitely be put on your itinerary. It takes about half an hour to get there on the ferry from Fremantle and once you arrive you could hire a bike to tour the small-but-perfectly-formed-island itself. It has some truly stunning beaches and while you are busy avoiding the Rottnest flora, don't forget to look out for the Rottnest Fauna. "Quokkas" are around 3ft long and officially belong to the wallaby family (they come complete with a joey pouch!).

There are reported to be around 10,000 quokkas on Rottnest Island, however, as I abruptly found out - they are a well protected species so don't try and feed one like I did or you'll be sure to have a first hand meeting with an official Rottnest Ranger. Oops.

If you are keen to save the pennies and experience a free excursion then a visit to the famous Kings Park and the Botanical Gardens should not be missed. Take your camera for probably one of the best photo opportunities in the city as you overlook the beautiful skyline of Perth. I spent some time looking at the various bits and pieces of art and craft around the park and even went back for a second visit at dawn. This was a spectacular time of the day to be there, and you'll get the chance to hear the native birds calling out loudly as the hot sun rises overhead into the bright Australian sky. I still can't think of a nicer way to relieve that nasty jetlag than a walk in the Kings Park... But whatever you do don't forget your camera!


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