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Perth is a pretty spread out sort of place, but then that is half of the attraction of this city on the beach. When I arrived there I refused to spend money on hiring a car (or a ute!) and this turned out to be a good decision as the Perth public transport system is well serviced, clean and very affordable (some services are even free to use!)

The Perth CBD and main suburban areas are really well connected by the Transperth bus, train and ferry services. I found the system to be really hassle free as you can use the same ticket you bought for the bus on the trains and ferries as well (and vice versa they really have got this system sussed! The main travel hubs are at the Wellington Street Bus Station and the City Busport on Mounts Bay Road and from these starting points I found you can visit the museum, the shops and the beach - all in one day!

If you are out shopping then try and stay in the Free Transit Zone. Do nOt be surprised when the bus driver doesn't ask you for any money as you board! This is an area in the central business district that offers free travel and will take you to any of the main shopping streets and centres as well as some of West and East Perth districts. Beware though I found that you had to get on and get off within the "FTZ" otherwise you do get charged the standard fare.

For a more leisurely form of transport I tried out the ferry from the Barrack St Jetty on the Swan river. Once again the original ticket I bought was valid on the ferry as well so I felt particularly thrifty for the third time in the day! The ferry operates all day and took me over to South Perth where you can hang out with Lions, Tigers and Penguins at the lovely Perth Zoo! The ferry gave me the chance to see the Swan River up close and personal and provides you with a brilliant photo opportunity looking back at the city, this ferry is certainly something I would recommend for the professional tourist!

Whichever way you choose to get around Perth, the Transperth system offers a pleasant, hassle free travel experience to see this lovely city enjoy!


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