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I have spent all seasons in Perth and the city and the state overall really does have some fantastic weather. There is mainly one word to describe the Perth climate, and that is generally hot! The dry, hot weather pretty much all year round means that the state does suffer it's fair share of droughts, but if you just want to keep cool as I did, then there are plenty of beautiful beaches to visit and have a dip in.

Having spent time both sunbathing and working in the hot weather, I would describe the climate as being a mixture between the Californian and the Mediteranean climates. As a point of difference between many of the other Aussie cities, Perth is generally always dry and always hot. There is little unpredictability and the summer days can often get above 35 degrees celcius!

In summer the sun can be very very strong, and I got caught out and burned on more than one occasion. My advice would be to take lots of water with you at all times as well as a hat, and maybe a long sleeved cotton shirt as you will really feel the heat here! When you listen to 96fm radio, and they tell you to "slip, slop, slap!" - take note and do as you're told!


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