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Perth boasts a pretty extensive train system which is operates on a very modern electric rail network that is always being upgraded and expanded. The network has recently grown to extend to further south of the City as well as creating a clever inner city circle route.

Perth trains

There are four main passenger train lines which are designed to take you from inner city Perth to the outer suburbs in the North, South, East, West directions. The train line is heavily used by business people and students going to and from work and school and is often very busy at peak times.
The northern line is the Joondalup line which reaches as far north (currently) as Joondalup, and is in the process of being extended. From the northern stops on this route you can catch a connecting bus which will take you to the Perth’s Northern Beaches including Hillary’s Boat Harbour, Scarborough Beach, and Trigg Beach and beyond.

The Armadale Line is the southern line and is currently being extended so that it can reach as far as the Southern town of Rockingham, which is a great place to swim with dolphins and relax in a little seaside town just outside of the city. This train route goes down the freeway giving you a good view of the beautiful swan river as you pass by its shores.

The Midland Line runs to Perth’s eastern suburbs ending in the old historical town of Midland, which is a great starting point to venture up through the winding trails of Perth’s beautiful hills.

Finally the Fremantle Line runs to the Western and South Western coastal areas and is a great option for beach goers. The stops include lots of popular beaches, the most popular being Cottesloe Beach as well as some great shopping areas along the way including Claremont and Subiaco. Finally the train stops in the wonderful seaside town of Fremantle where many tourists visit shops, cafes and culture unlike any other.

A lot of the train stations are designed to help connect you to busses heading to tourist destinations. A great way to plan a trip using both bus and train is to visit the Transperth website and use the Trip Planner.

You can plan your trip at


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