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Endless days with temperatures exceeding 35C are common during Summer, as hot north-easterly winds come in from the desert. Thankfully residents find some solace in the Fremantle Doctor, a southwesterly sea breeze that blows in late afternoon to cool the city and its suburbs down.

The typical mediterranean climate see Perth enjoy almost 3000 hours of sunshine per year as visitors and residents enjoy the many outdoor activities on offer.

Perth is the fourth wettest capital city in Australia (behind Darwin, Sydney and Brisbane). There is only sporadic rainfall in Summer as Perth basks in glorious sunny days with temperatures regularly hitting 40C. On February 23, 1991 the temperature hit a record 46.2C. Read more about the weather in Perth.

Autumn in Perth is often seen as an extension to Summer, with more sunny days and warm temperatures, although nights are noticeably cooler. The average daytime temperature is still as high as 30C, although by May minimums can fall to as low as 10C.

There are exceptions to the rule and in March 2007 the thermometer reached a record high of 42C.

Spring in Perth is mostly dry with warm, sunny days and average temperatures of 24C. At night, especially in early Spring, it can still drop to a chilly 9C, so always take a jacket or light coat if heading out.
Winters in Perth are generally cool and wet, with average temperatures recorded of around 21C, but there are still plenty of sunny days, with cool, crisp mornings. At night the gauge can drop to as low as 6C, although this is not the norm.

The lowest recorded winter temperature for Perth occurred on June 17, 2006 when temperatures ‘plunged’ to minus 0.7C.
Jan 20, 2011

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