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Whale Watching

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If you are on the hunt for a marine adventure that you can't get anywhere else in the world, Perth has something to offer you. Every year, Perth is witness to the biggest whale migration on earth. Tourists and locals alike every season to be stunned and awed by these amazing giant creatures as they make their way along the coast of Western Australia. Last season there were over 30,000 whales including 3,000 new born calves making their way past Perth as they headed south.

Whale Watching

One of the most spectacular sites in the world, is as simple as visiting Perth's coast at the right time of year (September to December). Every year tens of thousands of Humpback whales follow a timeless system of ocean path's known as the Humpback Highway.

The best way to truly experience this amazing moment in nature is to book yourself onto a Whale Watching cruise where they do their best to ensure you get to catch more than just a glimpse of these amazing marine creatures. Whale watching tours are run by many different companies all over Perth and some are included in great tourists packages.

Whether you want to explore Rottnest, or go out into the deep and discover more than just the whales, there is something offered for everyone.

No matter your age, background or inclination, whale watching is without a doubt a crowd pleasure and an experience not to be missed. There is nothing quite like exploring the natural path of these massive mammals as they swim and migrate together as a large group. Watch as they jump, spray water and play in the warm waters off of Perth's coast, witnessing this is something truly exceptional.





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